3 IN THE PINK // 7g jar


THC: 28 – 30% | CBD: 1.3 – 1.8% | 85% INDICA : 15% SATIVA

3 IN THE PINK: Experience the Seductive Delight of 3 in the Pink

Prepare to be enchanted by the multifaceted allure of 3 in the Pink, a cannabis strain that demands attention with its dynamic blend of colours and textures. The buds resemble a vibrant mosaic, showcasing shades ranging from delicate pink to lush green, evoking images of a lush garden in full bloom. Each nug sparkles with trichomes, like morning dew glistening in the sunlight, while wisps of peach-coloured hairs add warmth to the enchanting palette. Embark on a sensory journey with 3 in the Pink’s captivating aroma, a tantalizing fusion of ripe berries and fresh herbs, with hints of floral sweetness and spice inviting exploration. Delight your palate with its unforgettable flavour profile, a harmonious blend of juicy berries, tangy citrus, earthy herbs, and subtle sweetness. Experience the soothing and uplifting high that 3 in the Pink offers, fostering creativity and relaxation, perfect for relieving stress, anxiety, and physical discomfort. With our commitment to excellence in cultivation, each plant embodies the strain’s legendary characteristics, ensuring a premium-quality experience that honours its esteemed reputation. Embrace the unparalleled charm of 3 in the Pink.

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Appearance // Three in the Pink captivates with vibrant colours and textures reminiscent of a serene sunrise, adorned with trichomes and golden-orange pistils, creating an elegant visual masterpiece.

Aroma // Experience a delightful fusion of ripe berries and fresh herbs, with undertones of floral sweetness and spice, inviting exploration of its intricate scent profile.

Flavour // A symphony of juicy berries, tangy citrus, and earthy herbs unfolds on the palate, leaving a lingering whisper of floral sweetness with each exhale.

Effects // Embrace a tranquil and uplifting high, inspiring creativity and introspection, complemented by gentle body relaxation, perfect for solace and rejuvenation.

Medical Benefits // Beyond its captivating aroma and flavor, Three in the Pink provides therapeutic relief from stress, anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain, offering deep relaxation and restorative sleep.

Growth & Cultivation // Cultivated with meticulous care under controlled conditions, Three in the Pink yields premium-quality buds that honour its legendary characteristics, ensuring potency, purity, and consistency in every experience.