PINK GORILLA // 7g jar


THC: 31 – 34% | CBD: 1.1 – 1.5% | 85% INDICA : 15% SATIVA

Pink Gorilla: Powerful, Potent, Primal

Immerse yourself in the commanding presence of Pink Gorilla, a cannabis strain inviting you to explore its formidable potency. Picture clusters of buds unfurling like the mighty arms of a Gorilla, bathed in shades of pink reminiscent of a tropical paradise—soft hues blending seamlessly. Each nug, infused with raw strength, shimmers with trichomes like diamonds scattered on the forest floor, offering a glimpse into the untamed wilderness. Prepare for a sensory adventure as you inhale the captivating aroma—a complex blend of sweet berries and earthy undertones with hints of spice, transporting you to the heart of the jungle. As the sovereign ruler of potency, Pink Gorilla delivers an invigorating rush of spice and herbal notes, leaving a lasting impression of strength. In the realm of effects, it guides the mind and body into a state of profound intensity and balance, offering solace to those seeking refuge from life’s challenges. Embrace the commanding power of Pink Gorilla, surrender to its potent embrace, and allow yourself to be transported to a realm where cannabis mastery meets inner strength.

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Aroma // Pink Gorilla presents a captivating aroma blending ripe berries with earthy pine, accented by subtle notes of spice and floral sweetness, inviting exploration and discovery.

Flavour // Experience a symphony of juicy berries and robust earthiness upon inhalation, followed by whispers of spice and a lingering hint of floral sweetness with each exhale, creating a sensation both invigorating and soothing.

Effects // Pink Gorilla offers a transformative high, delivering euphoria and energy balanced by gentle relaxation, inspiring creativity and introspection, perfect for those seeking both adventure and reprieve.

Medical Benefits // Beyond its captivating aroma and flavour, Pink Gorilla provides therapeutic relief from stress, anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain, offering a sanctuary from everyday chaos and guiding towards wellness with potency and grace.

Growth & Cultivation // Cultivated with meticulous care under precise conditions, Pink Gorilla yields premium-quality buds that honor its legendary characteristics, ensuring potency, purity, and consistency in every experience, embodying a commitment to cannabis excellence.